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Q: Do I need to make reservations? 2015-06-20T04:27:07+00:00

A: Yes, reservations are required for all tours.

Q: Are trips available year round? 2015-06-20T04:27:13+00:00

A: Yes, with the exception to Christmas Day and some dates in September.

Q: What is the cancellation policy? 2017-04-17T19:08:09+00:00

A: If you plan to cancel or change your reservation, you will need to do so 24 hours in advance of scheduled trip. Otherwise, you are accountable for the full charge of the reservation made. However, if there is bad weather and the Captain cancels the trip, you are not accountable and are NOT charged.

Q: What should I bring on the Sanibel Thriller? 2015-06-20T04:30:17+00:00

A: On all tours you would want to bring a camera to take great pictures of the dolphin, other wildlife, and your family aboard the Sanibel Thriller. During the summer, we also recommend a small cooler, for bottled water or soda (no alcoholic beverages) due to insurance. Also, bring a hat that can be secured tightly on your head.

Q: Do you sell any beverages or snacks on the Sanibel Thriller? 2015-06-20T04:30:57+00:00

A: No.

Q: Can we bring beverages or snacks on the Sanibel Thriller? 2015-06-20T04:31:17+00:00

A: Yes, as long as the beverages are non-alcholic.

Q: Can we bring a small cooler on the Sanibel Thriller? 2015-06-20T04:31:35+00:00

A: Yes.

Q: Is the Sanibel Thriller ride a bumpy ride, especially for those that have back or neck injuries? 2015-06-20T04:31:57+00:00

A: No, especially on no wind days. The Sanibel Thriller has a catamaran hull which allows it to cut through the water and allow for a nice, smooth ride.

Q: Are there any age limits? 2015-06-20T04:32:19+00:00

A: We ask that children be 6 months or older.

Q: Where do you park? 2015-06-20T04:32:38+00:00

A: There is only ONE designated parking area for the Sanibel Thriller. As you come into the Marina, look on the palm trees aligning the drive on the right, there is a yellow sign that says “THRILLER” with an arrow pointing you into the large sand lot on the right of the Marina. Once your into the large sand lot, park only in the right corner where there are 2 more additional yellow signs that say “THRILLER”. This area is to the right of the boats on trailers. AGAIN THIS IS THE ONLY AVAILABLE SPOT TO PARK AT THE MARINA FOR SANIBEL THRILLER PASSENGERS ONLY! Check-in is directly across the drive from the parking area…it is a little white building with blue awning…next to the flag pole & gazebo.

Q: Where does Sanibel Thriller depart from? 2015-06-20T04:32:57+00:00

A: Sanibel Thriller departs from Sanibel Marina…next to Gramma Dot’s Restaurant on the East End of the Island towards the lighthouse. Once you go through the main 4-way stop at Causeway Rd & Periwinkle Way, we are the 4th street on your left (N. Yachtsman Dr., Sanibel, FL 33957).

Q: What does Sanibel Thriller take for method of payment? 2015-06-20T04:33:17+00:00

A: We take cash, Mastercard, VISA, or Discover.

Q: Will I get wet aboard the Sanibel Thriller? 2015-06-20T04:33:37+00:00

A: No, typically you do not get wet aboard the Sanibel Thriller. Only on windy days, would passengers get wet from the spray of the boat. So on windy days, bring a towel or a poncho. On these windy days, it would be dryer toward the front of the boat.

Q: How big is the boat and how many passengers can it hold? 2015-06-20T04:33:56+00:00

A: Sanibel Thriller is a 55’ supercatamaran that can hold up to 43 passengers. It is made by Thriller Powerboats in Ft. Pierce, FL.

Q: Will I get sea sick on the trip? 2015-06-20T04:34:15+00:00

A: No, the Sanibel Thriller is a catamaran hull, which provides a smooth ride. To date, no one has got sick aboard the Sanibel Thriller.

Q: What type of engines does the Sanibel Thriller have? 2015-06-20T04:34:37+00:00

: The Sanibel Thriller has twin 440 hp Yanmar engines.